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Various Artists 'All Systems Go - The Neat Singles Vol. One' 4CD Box Set

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Focusing on both the A-Sides and B-Sides of Neat Records’ fledgling HM acts, ‘All Systems Go’ is one of the most comprehensive collections of the Neat back catalogue to date documenting their impact and influence on the NWOBHM.

From Tygers Of Pan Tang’s 1979 debut ‘Don’t Touch Me There’, until Venom’s ‘Warhead’, released in 1984, ‘All Systems Go’ does not let up once.

Neat Records originally started as a label working out of Impulse Studios, Wallsend, Tyne & Wear, in the North of England. Impulse’s David Wood had created a number of different labels to showcase various acts and genres, and when Neat was initially formed it didn’t really have a direction, releasing a couple of pop-orientated singles. But then Neat and Tygers Of Pan Tang crossed paths, and things were never quite the same again. Neat Records adopted the slogan, ‘Allegedly Britain’s No.1 Independent Heavy Metal Label’, and its importance to the growth and the spread of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal cannot be understated.

Across four CDs, this set includes many influential, collectable, and highly sought after heavy metal acts, including Fist with ‘Name, Rank And Serial Number’ b/w ‘You’ll Never Get Me Up (In One Of Those)’ single and White Spirit, featuring future Iron Maiden guitar- slinger, Janick Gers, with ‘Back To The Grind’ b/w ‘Cheetah’. Raven, one of the most important acts of the NWOBHM-era are represented by ‘Don’t Need Your Money’ b/w ‘Wiped Out’, ‘Hard Ride’ b/w ‘Crazy World’, ‘Break The Chain’ b/w ‘The Ballad Of Marshall Stack’, plus their collaboration with Accept’s Udo on their cover of Steppenwolf classic, ‘Born To Be Wild’ b/w ‘Inquisitor’.

Although not as often celebrated, but equally important to the development of the genre, this 4CD collection also features Valhalla with ‘Coming Home’ b/w ‘Trouble With You (Ain’t Looking For Trouble)’, Sabre’s ‘Miracle Man’ b/w ‘On The Loose’ and Persian Risk with ‘Ridin’ High’ b/w ‘Hurt You’, among many other HM classic.

This first volume has been compiled and annotated by NWOBHM expert, John Tucker, the author of Neat & Tidy – The Story Of Neat Records and Suzie Smiled… The New Wave Of British Heavy Metal.

4CD box set



1. Don’t Touch Me There TYGERS OF PAN TANG
4. Name, Rank And Serial Number FIST
5. You’ll Never Get Me Up (In One Of Those) FIST
6. Back To The Grind WHITE SPIRIT
8. Don’t Need Your Money RAVEN
9. Wiped Out RAVEN
10. Black Ice ARAGORN
11. Noonday ARAGORN
12. In League With Satan VENOM
13. Live Like An Angel (Die Like A Devil) VENOM
14. Always Ready (For Love) BITCHES SIN
15. Sign Of The Times BITCHES SIN
16. Buried Alive BLITZKRIEG
17. Blitzkrieg BLITZKRIEG
18. Hard Ride RAVEN
19. Crazy World RAVEN
20. Lonewolf RAW DEAL
21. Take The Sky RAW DEAL


1. Blood Lust VENOM
2. In Nomine Satanas VENOM
3. Rock Out STEEL
4. All Systems Go STEEL
5. Crash, Bang, Wallop RAVEN
6. Rock Hard RAVEN
7. Run Them Down RAVEN
8. Firepower RAVEN
9. Axe Crazy JAGUAR
10. War Machine JAGUAR
11. Roll The Dice HEAVY PETTIN’
12. Love Times Love HEAVY PETTIN’
13. Hot Lady DEDRINGER
14. Hot Licks And Rock ‘N’ Roll DEDRINGER
15. Take It Or Leave It CRUCIFIXION
16. On the Run CRUCIFIXION
17. Dead When It Comes To Love WARRIOR
18. Stab In The Back WARRIOR
19. Kansas City WARRIOR
20. The Wanderer FIST
21. Too Hot FIST


1. Coming Home VALHALLA
2. Trouble With You (Ain’t Looking For Trouble) VALHALLA
3. Miracle Man SABRE
4. On the Loose SABRE
5. Ridin’ High PERSIAN RISK
7. Could Have Done Better ALIEN
8. Hot ‘N’ Heavy Express AVENGER
9. Knocked Out BLACK ROSE
10. All Systems Go HELLANBACH
12. Bridges JESS COX
13. Check It Out JESS COX
14. Die Hard VENOM
15. Acid Queen VENOM
16. Bursting Out VENOM
17. Break The Chain RAVEN
18. The Ballad Of Marshall Stack RAVEN
19. Born To Be Wild RAVEN with UDO
20. Inquisitor RAVEN with UDO


1. We Have Arrived SARACEN
2. A Face In The Crowd SARACEN
3. Too Wild To Tame AVENGER
4. On The Rocks AVENGER
5. Wild On The Run TOBRUK
6. The Show Must Go On TOBRUK
7. Eat The Rich TYSONDOG
8. Dead Meat TYSONDOG
9. Something Special EMERSON
10. Stars In Hollywood EMERSON
11. One In A Million JESS COX
12. Bad Time Girl JESS COX
13. Still In Love With You VALHALLA
15. Moon Rising CRUCIFIXION
16. Green Eyes CRUCIFIXION
17. Jailbait CRUCIFIXION
18. Warhead VENOM
19. Lady Lust VENOM
20. Seven Gates Of Hell VENOM