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Goat Horn 'Voyage to Nowhere - The Complete Anthology' 3CD Digipack

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36 track triple CD package from Canadian Heavy Metal warriors Goat Horn featuring three full albums and bonus tracks culled from the period 2001-2005. Housed in a deluxe digipack featuring three discs, this is the definitive document of one of Canadian Metal’s must underrated and cult acts

Featuring a detailed essay from legendary journalist Malcolm Dome, who conducted exclusive new interviews with the band especially for the release. Dome sadly passed away shortly after completing the interview, and the release is dedicated to his memory.

CD 1 features the cult classic debut full length ‘Voyage To Nowhere’ with four bonus tracks added

CD 2 features the classic follow up ‘Storming The Gates’ including a cover of ‘Re-Animation’ by Sacrifice, and comes complete with four bonus tracks including a live cover of German legends Helloween’s ‘Heavy Metal (Is The Law)’

CD 3 features their final recordings before the band split; titled ‘Threatening Force’, it comes complete with six bonus tracks, some of which would become material for the next incarnation of the band, Cauldron.

Goat Horn was founded in 1999 in Ontario, before relocating to Toronto. Seemingly out of step with prevailing trends in Metal at the time, mixing traditional Heavy Metal, a love of English doom masters Cathedral, and a punk attitude, the band adopted a steadfastly DIY approach that saw them tour Canada and the US before imploding in 2006.

Band leader Jason Decay rose from the ashes of Goat Horn with a new act, Cauldron, who went on to release three albums for Earache, followed by two more, the last of which, ‘New Gods’, surfaced in 2018.


Disc 1 - 'Voyage to Nowhere'

1. Goat Horn
2. Alcoholic Faith
3. Eternal Quest For Eternal Happiness
4. Shattered Dream
5. Voyage To Nowhere
6. Wasted Warrior
7. Doom March

Bonus tracks
8. Eternal Quest For Eternal Happiness (live)
9. Voyage to Nowhere (Demo)
10. Hit (Demo)
11. Alcoholic Faith (Demo

Disc Two - 'Storming The Gates'

1. Gates Of Oppression
2. Rotten Roll
3. To The Cliff
4. Final Sentence / Finally Sentenced
5. Storming In
6. Fortress Doomed
7. The Last Force
8. Re-Animation (Sacrifice cover)
9. Fate Strikes

Bonus tracks
10. Gates Of Oppression (Instrumental demo)
11. Fortress Doomed (live)
12. Fate Strikes (live)
13. Heavy Metal (Is The Law) (live) (Helloween cover)

Disc 3 - 'Threatening Force'

1. Drum Roll
2 Threatening Force
3. Right Heavy Metal
4. Rise Into The Night
5. Fate Strikes
6. The Last Force

Bonus tracks
7. Basement Booze (Demo)
8. Torture’s Too Kind (Demo)
9. Restless (Demo)
10. Striker Strikes (Demo)
11. Contemplation (Demo)
12. Condemned (Demo)

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