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Orange Goblin 'Healing Through Fire' 2CD Digipack

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27 track double CD from UK heavy metal legends Orange Goblin, with new liner notes by the band

CD 1 features the original 2007 album ‘Healing Through Fire’, four Radio 1 Rock Show session tracks, plus three demos from 2006, including a cover of ‘New Rose’ by The Damned. CD 2 contains a full 11 track live set recorded at the Mean Fiddler (London) in 2006.

Formed in 1995 under the name Our Haunted Kingdom, the band have released nine studio albums, the first five of which were released on Lee Dorrian’s iconic Rise Above label.

Track Listing:

CD 1 – Healing Through Fire

1. The Ballad of Solomon Eagle
2. Vagrant Stomp
3. The Ale House Braves
4. Cities of Frost
5. Hot Knives and Open Sores
6. Hounds Ditch
7. Mortlake (Dead Water)
8. They Come Back (Harvest of Skulls)
9. Beginners Guide to Suicide
10. The Ballad of Solomon Eagle (Radio One Rock Show 17.08.07)
11. They Come Back (Harvest of Skulls) (Radio One Rock Show 17.08.07)
12. Scorpionica (Radio One Rock Show 17.08.07)
13. Blue Snow (Radio One Rock Show 17.08.07)
14. The Ballad of Solomon Eagle (2006 Demo)
15. They Come Back (Harvest of Skulls) (2006 Demo)
16. New Rose (2006 Demo)

CD 2 – Live at the Mean Fiddler, London, December 16, 2006

1. Intro
2. Some You Win, Some You Lose
3. Quincy the Pig Boy
4. Getting High on the Bad Times
5. The Ballad of Solomon Eagle
6. Hot Magic, Red Planet
7. Round Up the Horses
8. They Come Back (Harvest of Skulls)
9. Your World Will Hate This
10. Blue Snow
11. Scorpionica

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