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Tori Amos 'Scarlet's Walk' 2LP Black Vinyl

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Tori Amos returns to the form that brought her masses of fans from the days of 'Little Earthquakes' and 'Under The Pink' on her seventh album, 'Scarlet's Walk'. Tori's sound here is more subdued than in the recent past, and the beauty of her piano playing even allows for occasional growls. The songs grow with each listen, as if a road trip grows with each mile.

On this album, Tori makes the most of her versatile voice, using it as a sweet soprano in "Scarlet's Walk" and with a creeping bite in "Pancake." The styles are also varied, with a lively piano in "Wednesday" and the dreamy "Your Cloud." The final song on the album, "Gold Dust," is probably one of Tori's most beautiful songs ever.

2LP black vinyl pressing


1. Amber Waves

2. A Sorta Fairytale

3. Wednesday

4. Strange

5. Carbon

6. Crazy

7. Wampum Prayer

8. Don't Make Me Come To Vegas

9. Sweet Sangria

10. Your Cloud

11. Pancake

12. I Can't See New York

13. Mrs Jesus

14. Taxi Ride

15. Another Girl's Paradise

16. Scarlet's Walk

17. Virginia

18. Gold Dust