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Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown 'Dirty Work' EP 10" Shell Pink Vinyl SIGNED EDITION

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Brand new EP from the Nashville rockers Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown, featuring six new tracks

“ ‘Dirty Work’ is the second offering from our independently owned and operated label, Rattle Shake Records,” Tyler explains, “When we told our fans that we wanted to release more music, by God we meant it!

The EP’s cover was inspired by a chance encounter. Tyler explains: “I was on a walk in Nashville and stumbled upon a shell pink wheelbarrow. I just stood there and looked at it for a minute, in awe of how cool it looked. It reminded me so much of my guitar, ‘Pinky’. When I got home, I was looking through my record collection and found an amazing Howlin’ Wolf record where his guitar was leaned up on a chair. I grabbed my guitar and drove back to where I had been walking. Against the confused looks of strangers passing by, I put my guitar in the dirty wheelbarrow and started snapping pictures, pushing it around to different locations. I felt like the wheelbarrow not only fit the album title, but visually it tied in perfectly with the release of my Fender guitar. I’m thrilled by the album art and the fact that this body of work was pressed on shell pink vinyl!”

Limited edition shell pink vinyl pressing

*Please note image is a mock up only - actual colours may vary on finished product*

** These copies are hand signed by the artist and are therefore not shrink wrapped - all product is new and unplayed**


Side A:

1. Strike

2. Burnin'

3. Dirty Work

Side B:

4. Sho Been Worse

5. Thunder

6. Fire & Brimstone