New York Dolls

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New York Dolls T-Shirts & Merchandise

Glam up your punk look with our fantastic range of New York Dolls t-shirts!

Was anybody in 1971 New York ready for the wild mix of rock and roll, punk (before punk was punk) and glam that the New York Dolls unleashed on the world?? The band influenced the sounds of punk rock, glam and new wave... and it continues to live on today!

The designs of our available New York Dolls t-shirts are as wild as the band themselves and alongside the cheeky Cowgirl Rider t shirt we have just added the Trash Shoes t-shirts that are available as either classic, loose fit shirts or as "floppy", off-the-shoulder t-shirts for women.

Great choice and great bands - that's how we work at Eyesore Merch so get shopping for some New York Dolls merch today!