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Baroness T-Shirts & Merchandise

Awesome artwork and merch from an all-round amazing artist!

Baroness is fronted by artist John Dyer Baizley who also is the creator of all of the artwork for the band's various album covers. He has also created artwork for many other bands which we love here at Eyesore Merch such as Pig Destroyer, Kylesa and Black Tusk to name a few - we definitely recommend you check out the artwork for these bands if you're a fan of his work for Baroness.

With such amazing artwork always at hand, Baroness has some of the coolest and best-looking t-shirt designs out there. With a wide range of exciting merch lines that stand out from the crowd you are sure to look the part in one of our Baroness t-shirts or other eye catching merch items.

With some awesome sludge metal releases and a dedication to the live circuit these are a band to watch and listen to... red, blue or yellow & green... pick a colour, any colour!

Check out our merch and Baroness t-shirts - our collection is 100% official and you can buy with confidence!