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  • Downset 'Downset' LP 180g Black Vinyl Downset 'Downset' LP 180g Black Vinyl

    Downset 'Downset' LP 180g Black Vinyl


    Downset. (originally called Social Justice) is an American rap metal band from Los Angeles, California. The band's music blends hip hop, funk, hardcore punk, and heavy metal with 'socially aware lyrics'. In 1994 Downset. began gaining popularity in...

  • Downset 'Maintain' CD Jewelcase

    Downset 'Maintain' CD Jewelcase


    The word MAINTAIN is defined as ‘a condition or state of affairs; to provide with the necessities for life or existence.’ To have the ability to maintain is to be able to hold fast to the unpredictable balance that is life, and to find a way...

Downset are a hardcore band from Los Angeles. The band's original moniker was Social Justice. They began as a straight up hardcore punk band, and released their debut album, Unity Is Strength, in 1989 and the EP I Refuse to Lose under this name with a different line up in 1992. They were known as being one of the first hardcore bands to incorporate hip hop and funk influences into their music.In 1992, Social Justice (1987–92) changed their name to Downset, and toured with the likes of Biohazard, Pantera and Dog Eat Dog.