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Metal Blade Records is proud to welcome France’s Déluge to its worldwide roster!

Déluge released their first full-length, Æther, in 2015 via Les Acteurs de l’ombre. Featuring 9 songs that combine ambient and modern black metal with post-hardcore tones, Æther‘s sound can be compared to likes of Celeste, Amenra and Deafheaven. Their upcoming sophomore album – and Metal Blade Records debut – will continue down this sonic path with its tentative 2020 release.

Déluge comments: “We are very happy to announce that our next album will be released by Metal Blade Records. Studio is done and we are in the mixing at the moment. We have been really quiet for the past three years, but be sure, it is worth it. Working on our 2nd album was really a tough & exhausting experience, and we feel really excited about releasing this record with the help of our new partners. We thank Les Acteurs de l’ombre for their great job on our first album ‘Æther‘ and wish them good luck with their projects.”

Stay tuned for more news about Déluge coming soon!