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  • Anathema 'Logo' Patch

    Anathema 'Logo' Patch


    Condition: NEW Brand: Rock Off Officially Licensed - Anathema 'Logo' PatchStyle: Loose packed sew-on woven patch, made from polyester, with standard backing and an overlocked edgeMaterial: PolyesterDimensions: Size Guide for standard patches (size varies...

  • Anathema 'Serenades' LP Vinyl

    Anathema 'Serenades' LP Vinyl


    A 180gm heavyweight vinyl version of Anathema's debut release, Serenades (from 1993).   Harder, heavier and darker than what followed, the album received glowing reviews - including Metal Hammer's 'Album Of The Month' - and, even at this early...

  • Anathema 'Alternative 4' CD Anathema 'Alternative 4' CD

    Anathema 'Alternative 4' CD


    Released in 1998, 'Alternative 4' quickly became Anathemas' best-selling and most highly regarded album to date.   Displaying a more mature sound than their earlier recordings, this is the album that gave birth to the more considered and conceptual...

  • Anathema 'Eternity' CD Anathema 'Eternity' CD

    Anathema 'Eternity' CD


    The 1996 album that marked Anathema's transition from Doom Metal Gods to more contemplative purveyors of atmospheric Rock. The legendary Roy Harper appears on 'Hope'.   Tracklisting:   1. Sentient 2. Angelica 3. The Beloved 4. Eternity Part II...

  • Anathema 'Serenades' CD

    Anathema 'Serenades' CD


    Liverpool doom prophets Anathema first burst on the scene in the early 90's and released their debut album 'Serenades' on Peaceville in 1993. Original vocalist Daz White had this to say at the time "Anathema is not just another heavy metal band but a...

  • Anathema 'The Silent Enigma' 2LP Double Vinyl

    Anathema 'The Silent Enigma' CD


    'The Silent Enigma', Anathema's second studio album, was originally released in the summer of 1995 and is the first release on which guitarist Vincent Cavanagh took over the vocal duties of recently departed Darren White. Where Darren's vocals were...

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