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In February 2015 guitarist Jens Nicolai Gräs was searching for a band name that could capture the essence of what the band had begun to sound like after five to six years of wandering through all kinds of musical expressions and discoveries. The band became IOTUNN.

In February 2016 IOTUNN entered the scene with their acclaimed EP, The Wizard Falls, which was mixed by Flemming Rasmussen (Metallica, Morbid Angel, Blind Guardian, Rainbow) at Sweet Silence Studios and a well-received EP cycles lasted for a year and a half when a line-up change became reality.

Guitarists and brothers Jesper and Jens Nicolai and original drummer Bjørn Wind Andersen had to decide whether the band should cease to exist or continue. They decided for the latter! With high spirits Jesper, Jens Nicolai and Bjørn kept on writing for IOTUNN's debut album and beyond while they always had in mind that IOTUNN would not be IOTUNN without being a full and sustainable circle.

By March 2018 the band found its voice and narrator; Jón Aldará (Hamferd) and the journey of bringing the album its story and full identity could begin, and the last piece was missing and in October 2019 bassist Eskil Rask (Sunless Dawn) joined IOTUNN, recorded the bass for the album and completed the circle. 

The result is Access All Worlds. Seven songs driven by creative curiosity and artistic honesty. Seven songs that initiate feelings and reflections. Access All Worlds is an epic; a cosmic and contemplative journey of energetic beauty and ferocity that reflects on human existence set in a storyline following daring space travellers. The music is grounded in roaring, colourful drumming and crushing bass, while the sonic horizon is painted with a vast spectrum of guitar-driven expression, all overarched by narration through diverse vocals