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Band Hoodies & TV/Film/Comic Hoodies

Awesome collection of hoodies from the biggest bands and movies!

Call it a hoodie, call it a hooded top, call it a hooded sweater, call it a hooded sweatshirt; there are many different names for the humble hoodie. To complicate matters even further there are pull over hoodies and zip up hoodies, hoods with pockets and hooded tops without. Whatever the style, we have it here at Eyesore Merch!

We offer a massive range of band Hoodies from the biggest music acts on the planet. If you are looking for something to make a statement about the bands you love then what better way than to buy one of these great pieces of warm clothing with your favourite bands artwork and logo emblazoned front and back. If you love attending live shows and concerts as much as we do then be sure to stand out in the crowd with one of these highly fashionable items that are available in many different styles with many choices of band branding. Especially with the summer festival circuit being so amazing these days. Everyone needs a cool band hoodie to keep them warm while at an outdoor festival.

We also stock a selection of movie hoodies from some of the biggest blockbusters and all-time classics of the silver screen. From Alien to Prometheus and RoboCop to the Twilight Saga we make sure that our hooded top range covers a range of genres and styles.

In addition to our band collection and movie hoodies we stock:

Hooded tops are the perfect item for cold weather as well as a casual garment for general outdoor use. Our high quality garments are all 100% cotton and manufactured to the highest standard. If you buy our hoodies you are buying a piece of clothing that will last you for years and ensure that you look totally awesome the whole time!