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Tank Tops & Vest Tops are the ideal clothing item for warm weather and general casual wear. Something sleeveless to keep you cool in the summer or even something to wear when you are building up a sweat in the gym or doing sports. Whatever you decide to use your tank top or vest top for you want to ensure that you look great while doing it so be sure to take a look at our range of band tank tops and music vest tops featuring artwork and designs from some of the coolest bands in indie music, rock music and heavy metal music.

So its agreed, the sleeveless shirt, Singlet, tank top or vest top is the ideal fashion item for warm weather, vigorous exercise and casual wear but even more importantly we think its essential for wearing in hot sweaty music venues while watching your favourite bands live. Imagine a sweaty club or music hall where the band is putting on the show of their lives. That room is getting hotter by the second as the crowd are pumped higher and higher by the amazing music. You are getting more and more excited and drawn in, the sweat is dripping…. What’s the best way to stay cool? With one of these sweet looking band vest tops of course!!

All items are manufactured to the highest quality and guaranteed to last. We stock designs from the biggest rock music, metal music and indie music bands in the world including Misfits, At The Gates, Cathedral, Rainbow, Black Veil Brides and Asking Alexandria with many new designs being added all the time. Keep checking back to view our men's vest tops and awesome collection of women's vests.