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  • Wargasm 'Venom' CD Wargasm 'Venom' CD

    Wargasm 'Venom' CD


    Modern life is war: we are Wargasm. Three years ago this project began as a retaliation to the stagnant state of rock music around the world. A lot of synth and hip-hop has the same energy and elements as metal. Genre is dead and we’re living off...

Wargasm (stylised as ???????) are a British electronic rock duo from London. Formed in 2018 by musician Sam Matlock and model Milkie Way, they have released 11 solo singles including "Spit." which has gained 5 million streams on Spotify, and over 400 thousand views on YouTube. Alternative Press listed them as listed them as 'a defining part of the 2020s wave of nu metal', while NME listed them as one of 2021's essential emerging artists.