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Godflesh T-Shirts & Merchandise

Godflesh T-Shirts to love not hate!

The impact of this industrial metal band cannot be underestimated and their music demonstrates an awesome balance between the power and discordance of some tracks and softer melodic moments - interludes which make the impact of the howling guitars, beats and bass all the more glorious.

We have a range of Godflesh merch to help you celebrate this West Midlands' industrial metal band - we stock Godflesh t-shirts and hoodies in a range of designs. Our t-shirt designs include the Godflesh logo, the 'Streetcleaner' album cover design and the 'Songs of Love and Hate' album cover design.

We take our hats off to Justin Broadrick and G.C. Green here at Eyesore Merch... and stick on a t-shirt!