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  • Budgie 'Bandolier' LP Black Vinyl

    Budgie 'Bandolier' LP Black Vinyl


    'Bandolier' is the fifth album by Welsh rock band Budgie, released in September 1975 through MCA Records, and was the first LP to feature drummer Steve Williams, who thereafter would play on all of Budgie's releases, along with Burke Shelley...

Budgie formed in 1967 in Cardiff, Wales under the name Hills Contemporary Grass. Their original line-up consisted of Burke Shelley on vocals and bass, Tony Bourge on guitar and vocals, and Ray Phillips on drums. After performing several gigs in 1968, the band changed their name to Budgie the the following year and recorded their first demo. The band had initially considered going under the name "Six Ton Budgie", but decided the shorter single word variant was preferable. Burke Shelley has said that the band's name came from the fact that he, "loved the idea of playing noisy, heavy rock, but calling ourselves after something diametrically opposed to that". The band's releases were a notable influence on Metallica and countless other hard rock bands.