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  • Malevolence 'Malicious Intent' CD Limited Digipack

    Malevolence 'Malicious Intent' CD Limited Digipack


    After a dominant summer performing across the UK’s biggest festivals, Malevolence has proven themselves worthy as the UK’s undisputed Kings of Heavy Metal. In early 2020 came the highly anticipated EP release, ‘The Other Side’,...

Malevolence are a Metal band from Sheffield, emerging onto the scene in 2013 with their debut album Reign of Suffering, which is currently climbing above 2.15 million streams on Spotify. Released as teenagers, the level of song crafting skill stands the test of time and remains a defining moment in the band’s career. The next four years had Malevolence grinding their way through the European continent, gaining recognition as one of the hottest prospects in this new wave of international heavy metal. 2017’s 'Self Supremacy' saw the quintet selling out club shows all over Europe, the USA, and even south-east Asia/Japan. This in turn has earned them a cult-like following of die-hard fans, who wear the Malevolence logo on their clothing like a medal of honour.