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  • Venom Inc 'There's Only Black' 2LP Black Vinyl

    Venom Inc 'There's Only Black' 2LP Black Vinyl


    As 2015 swept in it brought with it a solid revival of traditional Metal bands. A chance encounter and request brought and offer to Tony Dolan ( Vocalist and Bassist) to reform the line up of Venom that had recorded the classic 'Prime Evil' album and...

Venom Inc started life officially on April 25th 2015 in Lauda Konigshofen (Germany). Halfway through the Mpire Of Evil set at the Keep It True festival, three Venom members were re-united for a couple of Venom classics. The hall exploded with sheer enjoyment. Mantas on guitar, Demolition Man on bass and vocals were joined by drummer Abaddon and so the Prime Evil line up of Venom was finally back on stage.

When promotors got word of this reunion a bomb exploded; offers from all over the world followed and so the band decided to have a go at it once more. The name Venom Inc was adapted and for the next few years the power trio toured the earth up and down, to much success.