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Megadeth T-Shirts & Merchandise

How heavy do you want your heavy metal? If you want it hard, fast and with lashings of thrash then look no further than Megadeth!

Dubbed one of the "Big Four of Thrash", Megadeth have been ploughing a very heavy furrow for close to 30 years. With 13 studio albums under their belt, critical acclaim and praise from their peers there's no stopping this juggernaut of metal.

Our Megadeth merch range includes a selection of album t-shirts as well as a Megadeth logo t-shirt. Our Megadeth t-shirts are 100% official and you can buy with confidence from the team at Eyesore Merch.

With the simple aim of being faster and heavier than Metallica, Dave Mustaine and band mates have pulled this off in style!

Megadeth are here to soundtrack the Armageddon, Eyesore Merch are here to kit you out in the best Megadeth t-shirts available.