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  • Riot 'Born In America' LP 180g Black Vinyl

    Riot 'Born In America' LP 180g Black Vinyl


    Born in America is the fifth studio album us US Metal act Riot, released in 1983, and the last album with vocalist Rhett Forrester Tracklisting: Side A: 1. Born In America 2. You Burn In Me 3. Wings of Fire 4. Running From the Law 5. Devil Woman Side B:...

  • Riot 'Restless Breed' 2LP Gatefold Red Opaque Vinyl

    Riot 'Restless Breed' 2LP Gatefold Red Opaque Vinyl


    Restless Breed is the fourth album from US Metal act Riot, the first with vocalist Rhett Forrester, released in 1982 This version comes as a 2LP pressing on opaque red vinyl, and includes 6 bonus tracks from the Riot Live EP Tracklisting: Side A: 1. Hard...

  • Riot 'Rock City' 180g Black Vinyl + Poster

    Riot 'Rock City' 180g Black Vinyl + Poster


    Rock City is the name of the first studio album by New York City based heavy metal band Riot released in November 1977. It was first released independently by Fire Sign Records, run by the band's producers, Billy Arnell and Steve Loeb, who also owned...

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Riot V, formerly known as Riot until 2012, is an American heavy metal band founded in New York City in 1975 by guitarist Mark Reale. Reaching a peak in popularity in the early 80s, the band has continued a long-running successful career. Riot has toured with AC/DC, Molly Hatchet, Sammy Hagar, Kiss, Vandenberg, Black Sabbath and Rush among others. Riot's sound initially started out as straightforward heavy metal, but since their 1988 release Thundersteel their musical direction has been more along the lines of power metal. In 2013, Riot V, a new iteration of the band was launched by the surviving members, after the death of founding member and band leader Mark Reale. The group usually uses a baby seal face as a logo on its album covers.

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