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In times like these it's best to put on a Foo Fighters t-shirt!

Foo Fighters as a band developed around an initial solo project started by Dave Grohl following the death of Kurt Cobain and the end of Nirvana. The Foo Fighters are now one of the biggest alternative rock bands in the world, and one where Dave Grohl has swapped the drum kit for centre stage, vocals and guitar.

As well as putting on one of THE best live rock shows their albums are chock full of hits such as 'Monkey Wrench', 'Everlong', 'Times Like These' and 'Best of You'. If you're heading to a gig, festival appearance or rocking out in your living room why not do it in a Foo Fighters t-shirt!

Our Foo Fighters t-shirts are 100% official and we have an ace selection of merch. We sell a range of t-shirt designs including Foo Fighter logo t-shirts and hoodies.