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  • Enforcer 'Nostalgia' CD Jewel Case

    Enforcer 'Nostalgia' CD Jewel Case


    Enforcer have proved themselves both live and on record, and in 2023 they stake their place amongst the world’s most renowned heavy metal bands. Enforcer have returned with yet another uncompromising heavy metal album titled 'Nostalgia'. The album...

Swedish heavy metal band Enforcer formed in 2005 by lead vocalist and guitarist Olof Wikstrand. The first two albums Into The Night (2008) and Diamonds (2010) established the band’s loyal fanbase and left a long-lasting imprint in the heavy metal world. With increasing success in the underground scene, Enforcer led and created a worldwide movement later referred to as ‘the new wave of traditional heavy metal’.

In 2012 the Swedes were recognised for their impressive musical repertoire and signed a worldwide record deal with the biggest metal label in the world, Nuclear Blast Records. Since then, the band have released three more studio albums with Death by Fire (2013), From Beyond (2015) and Zenith (2019). To date, Enforcer have toured the world over, playing the biggest festivals and garnering a global fanbase. The culmination of their tireless work ethic resulting in the release of two live albums, Live By Fire (2015) and Live By Fire II (2021).