Fontaines D.C.

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  • Fontaines D.C. 'Dogrel' LP Black Vinyl

    Fontaines D.C. 'Dogrel' LP Black Vinyl


    Having discovered a shared love of poetry and a common zeal for authentic self-expression, the evolution of Fontaines D.C. has been swift, sure and seemingly effortless. 'We were encouraging each other to be who we believed ourselves to be all the time'...

Fontaines D.C. are an Irish post-punk band formed in Dublin in 2017. The band consists of Grian Chatten (vocals), Carlos O'Connell (guitar), Conor Curley (guitar), Conor Deegan III (bass), and Tom Coll (drums). The band's debut album, 'Dogrel' was released on 12 April 2019 to widespread critical acclaim, and was followed by two more albums including 'Skinty Fia' which reached number one in 2022.