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  • CBGB 'Classic Logo' (Dip-Dye) T-Shirt

    CBGB 'Classic Logo' (Dip-Dye) T-Shirt


    Condition: NEW Brand: Rock Off Officially Licensed - CBGB 'Classic Logo' (Dip-Dye) T-Shirt printed on a recycled cotton blend garment. The dip-dye technique is used on the garment, giving it a unique and vibrant look. Neckline: Crew Neck Fit: Regular Fit...

Gear Up for Punk Rock History: Your Guide to CBGB Merchandise

CBGB! The name synonymous with launching legendary punk rock careers and igniting a musical revolution. Whether you witnessed the Ramones live or simply admire the raw energy of the era, there are ways to celebrate the CBGB legacy through merchandise.

Official CBGB Merchandise:

  • The official CBGB store ( offers a variety of apparel and accessories featuring the iconic CBGB logo. You'll find t-shirts, hoodies, hats, and more, all designed to let you rep your love for this historical music venue.
  • Look for items featuring classic CBGB band logos or flyers from iconic shows. Bands like the Ramones, Television, Blondie, and Patti Smith were all regulars at CBGB, and their merchandise may be available online or through vintage stores.

Beyond Officially Licensed Gear:

  • Online retailers like Redbubble or Etsy often have unofficial, artist-created designs featuring CBGB. These can be a great way to find unique pieces that capture the spirit of the venue.
  • Consider vintage finds. Search online marketplaces or vintage stores for t-shirts, posters, or memorabilia from the era.

Here are some additional ideas for celebrating CBGB:

  • Documentaries and Films: Immerse yourself in the history with documentaries like "CBGB" (2013) or films like "Sid and Nancy" (1986).
  • Playlists and Podcasts: Create a playlist featuring bands that played at CBGB or listen to podcasts exploring the venue's influence.
  • Support Live Music: Find local punk shows or venues keeping the spirit of live music alive.

While CBGB closed its doors in 2006, its legacy lives on. By grabbing some memorabilia or diving deeper into the music scene it fostered, you can become part of keeping the punk spirit alive!

We have you covered for CBGB t-shirts and merch! Check out our range of CBGB tshirts and other CBGB merchandise, then buy with confidence!