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Salute the Home Guard in Style

Are you a "Stupid Boy" at heart? Do you dream of defending the beaches alongside Captain Mainwaring and Corporal Jones? Then gear up and join the Walmington-on-Sea platoon with our hilarious collection of Dad's Army t-shirts and boxer shorts!

T-Shirts: Don Your Duty Threads with Pride

  • Classic Designs for the Discerning Warden: Channel the spirit of Captain Mainwaring with a bold "Keep Calm and Carry On" tee, or showcase your love for all things Home Guard with a classic Dad's Army logo design.
  • Commemorate Iconic Moments: Remember the "Don't Panic" moose chase or the unforgettable "Who Killed the Messenger?" episode with our range of t-shirts featuring these hilarious moments.
  • Fun & Funky Designs for the Private Pike in You: Show off your inner joker with a "We're All Doomed!" tee, or celebrate the show's catchphrases with a "Permission to Speak, Sir?" design.

Boxer Shorts: Keep Calm and Carry On... Underneath

  • Support the War Effort in Comfort: No need to worry about chafing on maneuvers with our comfy Dad's Army boxer shorts. Made with breathable fabric, these boxers are perfect for lounging around the billet or reenacting your favorite wartime mishaps (safely, of course!).
  • Subtle Salutes to the Home Guard: Show your love for the show with a pair of boxers featuring a more discreet logo design, perfect for undercover missions (or just everyday wear).
  • The Perfect Gift for the Fussiest Private: Surprise the Dad's Army fan in your life with a hilarious pair of slogan-emblazoned boxers. Guaranteed to bring a smile (or a chuckle) to their face.

More Than Just Garments, It's a Celebration

Dad's Army apparel is more than just clothing; it's a way to celebrate a timeless comedy and the spirit of the Home Guard. So, whether you're a die-hard fan or just appreciate a good laugh, our Dad's Army t-shirts and boxer shorts are the perfect way to show your love for the show!

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