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Phone Home in Style: Dress Up Your ET Obsession with Official Apparel!

Remember the heart-melting moment when E.T. phoned home? Recapture that childhood wonder and celebrate the enduring connection between humans and aliens with our collection of officially licensed E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial apparel!

Dress Like Your Favorite Extraterrestrial (or Human!)

  • Classic Logo Tees for Timeless Appeal: Rep your love for the iconic film with a simple yet powerful E.T. logo tee. Featuring the silhouette of E.T. pointing his glowing finger, these versatile shirts are available in a variety of styles and colors for adults and kids. Perfect for everyday wear, a trip to the park, or a movie marathon with your favorite alien.
  • Detailed Graphic Tees: Unforgettable Scenes and Characters: Delve deeper into the movie with graphic tees showcasing iconic scenes like E.T. riding a bicycle under the moon or Elliot sharing Reese's Pieces. Find a tee that sparks your most cherished E.T. memories, whether it's the heartwarming friendship or the thrilling chase through the suburbs.
  • Limited Edition Tees for the True Fan: Be a part of something special with limited-edition E.T. apparel. Commemorate the film's anniversary, celebrate new releases, or snag exclusive designs featuring iconic elements like the red phone booth, the glowing finger, or even Elliot's iconic red hoodie.

Beyond Tees: A Full E.T. Wardrobe

  • Cozy Up with Collectible Sweatshirts and Hoodies: Channel the warmth of Elliot and E.T.'s friendship with a comfy E.T. sweatshirt or hoodie. Imagine yourself wrapped up in a fleece option featuring the movie logo or a sweet scene from the film, ready for a movie night or an adventure in the forest.
  • Hats, Bags & More: Accessorize with Extraterrestrial Flair: Don't let your outfit stop at the top! Add a touch of intergalactic magic to your entire look with E.T.-themed hats, bags, backpacks, and other accessories. Find conversation-starting statement pieces or everyday essentials featuring E.T.'s image, spaceships, or the iconic phone silhouette.

More Than Clothes, It's a Celebration of Friendship

E.T. apparel isn't just about looking cute or trendy; it's a way to celebrate the film's timeless message of friendship, acceptance, and the power of imagination. It's a chance to showcase your love for this beloved classic, share the magic with a new generation, or simply express your belief that even aliens can find a home on Earth (with a little help from Reese's Pieces).

Join the Universal Family of E.T. Fans

Our E.T. apparel collection is a gateway to connect with fellow fans from across the galaxy (or at least your neighborhood)! Share your favorite E.T. quotes, discuss theories about E.T.'s home planet, and celebrate the enduring wonder of this cinematic masterpiece together.

So, spread some extraterrestrial love today! Browse our extensive collection of E.T. apparel and find the perfect pieces to represent your love for this heartwarming story.

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