Band T-Shirts & Merchandise

So the big question. Who is your favourite band? As music lovers we must be asked this many times in our life! It’s a difficult one to answer when there are so many great bands across so many genres of music. From blues and jazz through to rock music, indie and heavy metal the choices are endless. Here at Eyesore Merch we think one of the best answers to this question is to wear your favourite bands on your chest in the form of a t-shirt. Some of the genres we cover here at Eyesore Merch are:

  • Heavy Metal
  • Thrash Metal
  • Death Metal
  • Black Metal
  • Grindcore
  • Hardcore
  • Punk
  • Indie & Rock
  • Jazz & Blues

You can probably see that when it comes to rock and metal t-shirts we offer a fantastic choice from the biggest metal artists on the planet, and that's because we love metal in all its glorious forms… from death and black metal to thrash and heavy metal, we love it and we have the t-shirts!

The best in official merchandise - here at Eyesore Merch we believe quality counts so we stock official band merchandise and t-shirts in our online store. Band tees are a simple and effective way to show people the bands you love and support... and it doesn’t have to stop with just a t-shirt. Bands are producing a range of merchandise and accessories from hoodies, bags and hats to air fresheners, badges, belt buckles and iPhone cases.

Great deals online - loving your favourite band doesn’t mean you don’t want a great deal, so here at Eyesore Merch we love offering you a bargain and the best selection of cheap band t-shirts online. We stock men's band t-shirts, which are also perfect for ladies looking for a looser-fit design, and we stock a selection of women's skinny-fit band t-shirts.

Say it loud and say it proud... or get the t-shirt, these are my favourite bands! Bringing you the best in official band merchandise the team at Eyesore Merch want to help you show your love and support for the bands in your life.