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  • Respire - 'Black Line' CD Respire - 'Black Line' CD

    Respire - 'Black Line' CD


    A band embodying the notion of community is a sight for sore eyes as the world moves into post-2020; Canada’s Respire stands firm as one of the most forceful in the realm of new screamo and post-hardcore bands, pushing what it means to encourage...

Since their formation in 2013, Respire have been an unwavering light in the Toronto DIY scene; with prior releases (2016’s 'Gravity and Grace' and 2018’s 'Dénouement') refining the band’s orchestral post-rock and viscerally sharp 90’s screamo influences. With their already accomplished history and an extended family of contributing musicians in tow, the band have forged their spirituous third album 'Black Line'. Written over two years and produced over six months, it is a masterful exercise in sonic scope and overwhelming swells of fervor.